DRG Publications is a sole-proprietorship serving the electronic publishing market with research, analysis, and editorial content focusing on ebooks, content management, digital rights management, Web content syndication, and other aspects of digital publishing revolution. Outsell Inc.’s  The Gilbane Group has been a regular client, where David R. Guenette serves as a Senior Analyst, Publishing Practice.

In October 2010, the 277-page study, A Blueprint for Book Publishing Transformation: Seven Essential Processes to Re-Invent Publishing, for which Guenette was main author and lead analyst, was published by Gilbane Group.

Over the past 14 years, DRG Publications has helped publishers and the technology and service vendor communities serving them with practical publishing market and process perspective that helps move clients forward through the confusion and panic that characterizes many participants’ first steps in any significant revolution.

Guenette’s 30-plus years of experience across a full range of publishing segments has remained focused on the nexus of publishing’s business processes and the established and developing technologies and practices that continue to drive changes in all publishing segments.

Guenette provides clients the rare mix of editorial experience in trade, educational, and professional book publishing and periodical and magazines, with electronic publishing technology analysis and consultation that reaches back to the early days of CD-ROM and multimedia.

DRG Publications can help established publishers delineate their strategic business needs, even while helping the line of business personnel—editors, marketers, rights managers, and those responsible for sales, distribution, and fulfillment—understand and undertake the practical steps to implement the strategy.

DRG Publications is happy to work with alternative publishing ventures, and help the technology and service vendor communities better understand their prospects and communicate their offerings to their marketplaces with the language and perspective their publishing-related prospects will better understand.